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About BKW

What are the main benefits of using BKW Rent A Car?
  • You can use it for commercial usage (Uber/GrabCar/NinjaVan) for Hiring Rewards
  • Save the hassle of documentation and key exchanging at traditional car rental companies.
  • Pay only what you need with daily rental rates.
  • Our cars all over Singapore (Islandwide) are conveniently parked within minutes away from selected MRT Stations.
Is Car Rental/Leasing better than owning a car?
Car Rental is of course much feasible for the occasional use when the need arises. We give you the flexibility of using a car whenever you need one but taking care of all other costs (Insurances/Road Taxes Etc).
What can I use the car for?
It could be for leisure activities from fetching your kids to school, buying groceries, running errands, going for dates, a spin around Singapore, any recreational activities to commercial use for Uber/GrabCar/NinjaVan and much more.
What are the costs involved?
Rentals Costs for the vehicle hiring (Etc Per day rates & Length of Rental or there will be additional costs for CDW purchases *Optional)Deposit will be either by Cash Transfer (PAYNOW or Bank Transfer) or By Providing us a Credit Card for a Security Deposit.
Can I add named driver to my reservation?
Yes, you can add up to 1 more additional Driver.And for Additional Driver will need to meet our requirements of Min. 25 years old & 2 years of driving experience and submission of additional driver’s particular before allow to drive.

Reservation / Booking

How do I reserve with BKW Rent A Car?
You can reserve a car at or contact our sales person for locations pickups, which will be shared on our website.
Can I pick up the car earlier?
Once we have received your booking, our sales person for the respective location will call/ Whatsapp you on the pickup & timing you need it for. We will do our best to meet the timing you will require to pick!
Do I have to pay a cancellation fee if I cancel my reservation?
Reservations are able to postpone to another date. (3 months time frame).
Can I drive the Vehicle to Malaysia?
Selected vehicles are allowed for Malaysia usage. Due to insurance policies, the following limits will apply:
  • 1.6CC & 2.0CC – Up to KL only
  • MPVs – Up to Malacca only

Payment / Pricing

Can I Rent a car Without Deposit?
Yes. If you have a Credit card (Not a Debit Card), we will use it to act as a Security Deposit.If not, we will require a Cash Deposit $500 - $1000 Depending on the Length of Rental & Car Model.
What does the payment consists of? Are there any hidden charges?
Prices Quoted for Rentals of Vehicles with Insurance, coverage, road tax and maintenance (Wheel &Tyre) are all subjected to GST.
How and when will payment be deducted?
Once you made a reservation, our portal will require you to make payment via Credit/ Debit cards.Or if you do feel unsafe on making payment on our Website, please do feel free to contact our staffs for the respective locations to assist you on the bookings.

Collection / Returning

How do I unlock the car?
Upon Collection,
  • Take Pictures of 4 sides of the cars (Send more pictures of detailed scratches/ dents)
  • Open up our “BKW App”
  • Key in the Reference no & Handphone Number then “Validate”
  • Unlock the car, by Pressing “Unlock Button”
  • Key will be left in the Left side glove compartment.
  • Start up the engine, &
  • Take picture of the Petrol & Mileage.
We will use the picture as the current condition of the car. So upon return, we will expect the condition to be as the same as the photos taken.
Where are the car keys?
The car key will be located in the glove compartment to the left of the steering wheel. Please remember to return the key to the key compartment at the end of the trip. If you fail to do so, a key recovery service fee of $50 will be charged to your account.
What if the car is damaged?
We will let you know on the date when you return. When you send you us the pictures of the car, and will inform hirer that we will go down and check the car & update hirer if new damages are found.


I got an ERP fine/parking ticket. What should I do?
Wait for our end to receive the fine, we will contact hirers who are on the rent during that period of time, then we will assist for the fine payments.
Are pets allowed in the cars?
We strictly do not allow pets in the cars to be considerate to the next user that might be allergic to pets. You will be fined S$300-$500 if there are fur/smells found in the car.
Can I smoke in the car?
Smoking is strictly not allowed, even with the windows wind down. Customers as liable to pay S$200 - $400 for the cleaning fee. Holding a cigarette outside the car while driving is still considered smoking as well.
Who pays for fuel?
Upon Collection of the car, Hirers will take picture of the Petrol & Mileage from the dashboard. Hirers will return the same amount of Fuel as per taken upon collection.Etc :Pickup @ Half TankReturn @ Half Tank


Who takes cares of the car maintenance?
The maintenance of the vehicle will be borne by BKW Rent A Car, Hirer must keep note of the vehicle engine temperature, any overheating due to Hirer's/Hirer's negligence, repair and any miscellaneous cost shall be borne by the Hirer. If there is any problem due to wear and tear or vehicle breakdown, the Hirer is to report to BKW Rent a Car immediately and seek for advice/permission before proceeding to fix the issue.
What insurance coverage do you have?
The vehicle is covered with comprehensive motor insurance in place for all the vehicles. Own damage excess per accident from S$2,000 – S$6,000 & 3rd party excess per accident from S$2,000 – S$6,000 (Subject to GST of 7%). Kindly note that insurance coverage only covers the body work of the car and downtime for the rental period has to be charged separately depending on the duration of repair required. Please refer to T&C for accident & insurance.

Breakdown / Reporting Issues

What do I do if the car breaks down or if I encounter issues with it?
  1. In event of breakdown / accident, you can call 62231122 our 24/7-hour hotline for assistance.
  2. If an accident occurred: we request your attention to the accident
  3. a) Exchange Particulars of Parties Involved in the Accident and take note of the (name, vehicle numbers, witness, contact number and NRIC number (if possible).  b) Take photos of the scene of the accident and the damages to all vehicles.  c) If the vehicle is installed with DVR (Camera), kindly take out the memory card (SD card).
  4. Report the accident to BKW RENT A CAR PTE LTD within 24 Hours or by the next working day.
  5. DO NOT engage all unauthorised tow-truck operators or repair Workshop and admit liability.
  6. If there are injured parties in an accident, call for medical assistance (995) and the police (999) immediately.
  7. You are required to make a Police report as soon as possible or within 24 hours of the accident if the accident involves:
    • Fatality;
    • Damage to government property;
    • Foreign vehicle;
    • Pedestrian or cyclist;
    • Hit-and-run case; or
    • Injury cases where (i) at least one person involved in the accident was taken to hospital from the accident scene by an ambulance/ self-conveyed; or (ii) any party involved in the accident was injured and obtained outpatientmedical leave for 3 days or more.
  8. Dont's ( as a reference )
    • Do not move your vehicle before taking photographs of the accident scene.
    • If someone is injured or there has been a fatal accident, please do not attempt to move the injured person or vehicle(s).
    • Under the Motor Claim Framework (MCF), motorists are strongly advised not to have any dealings with unauthorised tow-truck operators at the scene of accident.

Malaysia Use

Can the cars be driven into Malaysia?
Most of the Economy Sedan, Economy MPV and Standard MPV are allowed into Malaysia. The system will let you know if you can drive into Malaysia by providing you with an option to select Malaysia Entry. The system will let you know if you can drive the car into Malaysia by providing you the option to select Malaysia Entry.
What happens if the car experiences a breakdown in Malaysia?
Hirer will be responsible for any towing fee up to the causeway. Hirer is also allowed to send the car for simple repairs for battery, tyres, air conditioning system. All costs and expenses arising from the breakdown of the vehicle such as towing fee, loss/damage reparation costs will be borne by the Hirer and no reimbursement will be given.
What happens if you get into an accident in Malaysia?
Insurance excess will be doubled at for own damage excess per accident & doubled for 3rd party excess per accident. See Terms and Conditions for more information.Hirer will have to make arrangement for tow up to the mid bridge of the causeway if the car is not adequate to drive.Hirer will also not abandon the Vehicle without any adequate provision for safeguarding. Hirer must also seek prior approval by BKW Rent A Car if it is absolutely necessary to leave the accident site and/or Vehicle.