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Car rental for the new generation
Contactless, instant app booking. Locations all over the island. Lock and unlock with your phone.

Why BKW?

Drive on your terms

Clean and contactless

In the current situation, we recognise the importance of keeping you and your loved ones and clients safe. After every use, each of our cars go through a thorough cleaning process. Our app-based booking system is contactless to give you peace of mind when you're on the road.


Treat it like your own

We are one of the only few car rental services in Singapore that don't imprint our logos on our cars. Our cars feel and look like your own, without the hefty price.


Anytime you need

With same-day service, you can book, pick up and hit the roads whenever you need a vehicle. Our staff are also on the road 24/7 to keep a lookout for when you need emergency help.


We have been in it since forever

We've been in the car rental business for 20 years and you can count on us to deliver the best service at the right price. No more second-guessing, just great quality cars at your convenience.